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Streamline Project Planning with IBP

Updated: Sep 13

Project planning is an essential activity that often determines the success or failure of any major undertaking. However, traditional planning methods often involve complex spreadsheets, endless meetings and siloed departments, and can quickly become unwieldy.

A more integrated approach is needed to streamline the project planning process. This is where Integrated Business Planning (IBP) comes in.

Alignment and Collaboration

IBP aligns all aspects of an organisation into one holistic plan, breaking down departmental silos and providing complete visibility across teams. With IBP, you gain access to real-time data and analytics that enable data-driven decision-making during project planning.

Resources can be optimised based on a clear picture of availability and needs. Proactive risk management is also improved by considering factors like market trends and financial constraints.

Faster (and Better) Results

When it comes to project planning, IBP brings key stakeholders together to collaboratively build an integrated baseline plan encompassing scope, schedule, and cost estimates. Rather than tackling these elements separately, IBP unites them into one central plan through cross-functional planning sessions. This allows the team to surface issues, dependencies, and constraints early in the process.

A major benefit of IBP is enhanced risk management during the planning phase. By working together on the integrated baseline, the team can identify risks that may not have been visible working in silos. The baseline provides a foundation for developing preventive strategies and contingency plans.

Increased Communication and Project Visibility

IBP also streamlines communication across the project team. With all stakeholders participating in planning, everyone gains visibility into the big-picture goals, timelines, and budget. This unity enables faster decision-making as challenges inevitably arise during implementation.

Additionally, the integrated baseline serves as a benchmark for monitoring performance. Metrics like earned value management provide early signals of schedule or cost overruns. Corrective actions can then be taken swiftly to minimise disruption.

Integrate for Success

By taking an integrated approach, IBP enables managers to set up projects for success from the start. Aligning stakeholders, optimising resources, and proactively managing risks leads to smoother execution and delivery. Implementing IBP and its enabling technologies can be a game-changer for managers seeking to build efficiency into their project planning process.

With IBP, projects are no longer isolated endevours, but integrated elements of one unified vision for business success.


Transform your business. Transform your future.

At Smart Union, we help our clients transform their business, through insightful planning, budgeting, reporting and analysis.

Using best-of-breed planning and analytics solutions, we help managers align their operational plans with their strategic goals, empowering teams to become collaborative, insight-driven, and adaptable.

We leverage strong technical capabilities and a deep understanding of our clients’ business environment to create a robust framework for assessing and managing performance toward clear objectives.

Our analysis, recommendations and consultative approach provide our clients with an actionable appraisal of business performance and areas of key focus, in as close to real-time as possible.

We partner bold leaders. Transforming business through insight and technology. Transforming the future.

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