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How Canon Transformed #FP&A Processes with Self-Service #PerformanceManagement

Updated: Mar 19

After its acquisition of Océ in 2009, global imaging leader Canon faced the challenge of consolidating disparate budgeting and forecasting processes. Existing #BusinessIntelligence and #CPM systems lacked the flexibility and speed to meet requirements, especially given the high data volumes and complexity. The finance department needed a solution that could be implemented quickly and cost-effectively, without heavily impacting IT resources.

Jan van de Grint, Business Process Manager for BI at Canon, turned to Jedox for a more agile approach. He downloaded the software for evaluation and built a prototype in just one week, without any training. "Unlike any other tool that I evaluated, I managed to build the whole application without having to resort to programming or make use of external expertise," said van de Grint. "Jedox proved perfect for prototyping. No need to 'specify' everything, just start and create."

With some additional support from the implementation partner, Canon developed a driver-based #PlanningModel in Jedox to calculate revenues and margins for all printer types and groups. The solution also handles cross-departmental #CostPlanning, including personnel, travel and other expenses, as well as allocations.

Impressed by the results, Frank Brouwer, Project Director at Canon Europe, decided to roll out Jedox to 15 countries in the EMEA region. The web-based application, built in just 3 weeks, allows divisions to submit and allocate costs, margins and expenses to products for #financialconsolidation. "3 weeks to implement is very fast, taking into account some functional changes we made along the way," noted Brouwer. "Also from a commercial point of view, I was happily surprised by the flexibility Jedox showed."

The 30 users across Europe are very satisfied with the Jedox solution. But beyond user satisfaction, it's Jedox's self-service capabilities that really stand out. "If you empower the business, the beauty and power of Jedox is that it allows you to refrain from having separate business and ICT project tracks," explained van de Grint. "The whole iterative process, from functional design to prototype and production, can be handled by the business."

For organizations looking to rapidly transform #FP&A processes on a budget, Jedox offers an intuitive and powerful platform for reporting, analysis and planning. As Brouwer put it, "In the area of #forecastingandbudgeting, Jedox has made a very strong impression. We had to achieve our goals within a very short timeframe and a limited budget. It's great to see how everything came together and I surely recommend including Jedox in the selection process."


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