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Sanofi Unifies Planning & Reporting with Jedox for Faster Insights

Updated: Mar 20

Global healthcare leader Sanofi has revolutionized its #FP&A processes by implementing Jedox's integrated planning and reporting solution. With sales over EUR30 billion and more than 110,000 employees worldwide, Sanofi required a unified system to streamline its complex financial operations.

Previously relying on manual data reconciliation in Excel, Sanofi's Controlling team faced challenges after merging three national branches. The internal reorganization pushed Excel beyond its boundaries, and the process could no longer handle the complexity of #financialplanning.

Sanofi chose Jedox for its flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. The solution automated data integration from various upstream systems, including market data, #SAPBW, and #OracleHFM. Jedox's interactive web capabilities empowered departments to enter plans independently, ensuring data consistency across staff costs, sales & gross margin, product-cost planning, and P&L.

The implementation process was swift, with Sanofi's Controlling team collaborating with Jedox consultants to connect all source systems and create detailed planning models within weeks. Jedox Academy equipped Sanofi's management and users to administer the solution independently, leveraging their Excel expertise to configure and adjust planning without external help.

Jedox has transformed Sanofi's #financialreporting, providing a 360° view of corporate actuals and plan data in one unified tool. Over 140 people from Marketing, Sales, HR, Controlling, and Management access reports anytime, anywhere through Jedox. The solution delivers results instantaneously, with processes that once took hours now taking seconds.

Thanks to Jedox, Sanofi has achieved:

  • Faster and more transparent planning

  • Assured data consistency through automated validation

  • Empowered departmental users to plan independently

  • Automatic updates eliminating manual data reconciliation

  • Real-time insights for informed decision-making

Sanofi's success with Jedox earned them the European "Best Practice Award" for their smart reporting and planning solution. The company plans to extend the project to an additional 200 people, empowering managers across Europe with quick, reliable, and trusted insights.

By embracing Jedox's integrated planning and reporting capabilities, Sanofi has transformed its #FP&A processes, enabling the Controlling team to focus on profitable growth and act on real-time data. This customer success story showcases the power of unified #financialplanning and #reporting in driving business success.


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