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Illuminating Data Insights: How Prediger Streamlined Reporting for 25,000+ Products with Jedox

Prediger, a leading German designer lighting provider, struggled with siloed data across its robust 25,000+ product portfolio. With item, customer, order, and service data trapped in separate systems, reporting became increasingly cumbersome for Prediger's small IT team.

Seeking to empower business users with self-service insights, Prediger sought a flexible reporting solution to consolidate its data sources. The company selected Jedox for its familiar Excel-based interface and easy integration across Prediger's cloud and on-prem databases.

"With Jedox, we found a solution that optimally adapts to our current database environment," said Jörn Hildebrandt, Prediger's Commercial Director. "We had a really good feeling about Jedox and its experience following the workshops – and quickly realized our instincts were right during the implementation."

Through personalized coaching sessions, Jedox consultants tailored the platform to Prediger's unique reporting needs. The result: automated, centralized visibility into key performance metrics like sales, inventory, and delivery times.

Key Benefits:


  • Rapid Report Creation: Jedox processes over 1.3 million accounting records in under 3 minutes, enabling ad hoc analysis across data sources.

  • Improved Delivery Forecasting: Jedox ETL technology automates the transfer of 25,000+ product delivery estimates to Prediger's online shop overnight, eliminating manual updates.

  • Customized Analytics: Personalized Jedox web dashboards and mobile reports deliver individual insights to 5 business users.

  • Enriched Product Analysis: Users can now drill down to analyze profitability, stock levels, and source transactions for thousands of lighting products in a unified interface.


"With Jedox, we found a solution that optimally adapts to our current database environment," said Jörn Hildebrandt, Prediger's Commercial Director.


As Prediger continues expanding its Jedox capabilities, the lighting leader plans to streamline financial planning and integrate Google Analytics data for a holistic view of its multi-channel business.

By consolidating analytics in Jedox's flexible, user-friendly BI platform, Prediger shines more light on product performance to inform strategic decisions.


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