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How Corrs Chambers Westgarth Transformed FP&A with Jedox

Updated: Feb 4

Australia's leading independent law firm Corrs Chambers Westgarth has revolutionized its financial planning and analysis (FP&A) capabilities with Jedox software. By implementing Jedox for budgeting, forecasting, and reporting, Corrs has created a single source of truth and achieved major time savings. #FP&A #lawfirm

Rapid Changes Require Agile FP&A

With disruption reshaping the legal sector, Corrs aimed to boost client service and strengthen data-driven decision making. This demanded integrated FP&A to replace fragmented planning in spreadsheets and legacy systems. #financialplanning

Sprinting to Success with Cloud Budgeting

Corrs sprint-implemented Jedox alongside the annual budget. By working closely with Jedox's implementation team, the ambitious go-live was achieved despite the simultaneous budgeting cycle. #cloud

Centralized Data Hub Powers Efficiency

At the heart of Corrs' transformation was consolidating data into a Jedox hub. This eliminated manual collation from multiple systems, saving significant time previously spent on reporting. #reporting #dashboards

FP&A Leader Achieves Quick Wins

Corrs' Finance & Reporting Manager David Conti led the changes enabled by Jedox. He comments: "Complex reports and analysis that would take a day and half to produce now take two hours. There have been significant efficiency gains." #FP&Aleader

Agility Drives Ongoing Expansion

Buoyed by early budgeting and reporting successes, Corrs rapidly expanded Jedox for rolling forecasts, client reporting, and dashboards. Conti notes: "One of the best things we did was to move quickly with the implementation. This gave us incredible momentum." #agileFP&A 

Insight Supports Strategic Decision Making

Beyond efficiency gains, Jedox is providing Corrs' leaders intuitive visibility through appealing dashboards. "This is perhaps the most exciting solution we have delivered using Jedox," remarks Conti. #businessintelligence

The Key to FP&A Success? Quick Implementation

In Conti's view, Corrs' FP&A achievements were enabled by rapid roll-out. "We were hungry for change. We did a sprint implementation during the budgeting cycle," he explains. This exemplifies how urgency and alignment can spark FP&A innovation. #FP&Aimplementation

With Jedox transforming its processes, Corrs is positioned to keep providing pioneering legal services amid industry disruption. Agile FP&A technology has unlocked efficiency, insight and strategic agility. #legaltech #disruption


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