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Gruner AG Achieves #AgileReporting with Jedox

Swiss construction engineering leader Gruner AG has transformed its #financialplanning and analysis (FP&A) processes by implementing Jedox to enhance its existing #BusinessIntelligence solution. The integrated platform provides a unified architecture for consistent planning, reporting, and self-service analytics across Gruner's 30+ global subsidiaries.

Previously, Gruner relied on hundreds of Excel spreadsheets for budgeting and project planning, which was time-consuming and prone to errors from manual data entry. The company sought a modern #CorporatePerformanceManagement (CPM) solution to automate and streamline its distributed planning processes.

After evaluating various options, Gruner selected Jedox for its powerful functionality, seamless integration with their ERP system ABACUS, and ability to be customized to their specific requirements. A five-day proof-of-concept workshop yielded a working prototype, solidifying the choice to move forward with Jedox.

The Jedox solution was implemented in just two months. The integrated platform enables automated data flows, with ABACUS serving as the source system and Jedox handling the planning and budgeting processes.

Now, approximately 400 project managers at Gruner evaluate the company's 6000 concurrent projects on a monthly basis, assessing technical specifications, costs, revenues, required materials, and more. Streamlined workflows, such as auto-generated suggestions for fixed cost projects, help accelerate the planning process.

Relevant parties are automatically notified when invoices can be sent out.

The increased efficiency enabled by Jedox allows Gruner to plan on a monthly cycle instead of quarterly, providing management with more timely and reliable project tracking. Color-coded status indicators offer at-a-glance insights into which projects require immediate attention.

Key benefits Gruner has realized with Jedox include:

  • Custom planning environment implemented in just 2 months

  • Ability to plan monthly instead of quarterly 

  • Precise overview of 6000+ concurrent projects

  • Seamless integration between Jedox and ABACUS ERP

  • Tailored solution that harnesses existing Excel expertise

  • Fast deployment and high scalability

"The implementation of Jedox allowed us to create our ideal reporting environment for self-service analysis, reporting, and planning – and this solution is flexible enough to accommodate change and growth in requirements," said Michael Städtler, Business Intelligence Manager at Gruner AG.

With Jedox, Gruner has achieved a unified platform for agile, data-driven decision making to expertly manage its complex global construction projects. The company is well-positioned to extend these robust planning and analytics capabilities across its worldwide operations.


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