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Fiat Streamlines #FinancialPlanning and Analysis with Unified Jedox Solution

Fiat, the leading automotive manufacturer with sales of €86 billion in 2013 and over 225,000 employees worldwide, has transformed its #FP&A processes by implementing Jedox's unified solution for planning, reporting, and analysis across its European dealerships.

Previously, Fiat relied on legacy systems and Excel for quarterly forecasts, facing challenges with dispersed data, complex calculations, and excessive manual work. This led to long hours, errors, and lack of agility in responding to evolving requirements from headquarters.

By partnering with Jedox, Fiat empowered its finance team with a modern, Excel-like solution that automated data integration, enabled real-time reporting, and supported advanced #financialplanning functionality. The intuitive interface and hands-on training allowed business users to manage the solution independently with minimal IT support.

"The efficiency increase in planning alone is very impressive! What took several hours before we now achieve within seconds," said Richard S., Head of Controlling at FCA Motor Village Germany. "Jedox calculates and consolidates data the moment it is entered, so my team can start on crucial evaluations immediately."

With Jedox, 60 users across departments now work from a single source of truth, entering plan data that instantly updates the unified model. Daily automated reports are sent straight to HQ, providing real-time visibility into KPIs, budgets, forecasts, and variances.

The #selfservice approach has significantly reduced administrative burden. "You do not need to be an IT expert to work with Jedox," Richard explained. "Your Excel knowledge will get you going on your own."

Looking ahead, Fiat plans to add more #dashboards, increase #mobileplanning on tablets and smartphones, and roll out the Jedox solution to its dealerships in Austria and Switzerland.

As automotive companies navigate disruption and uncertainty, agile planning and analytics solutions like Jedox will be key to driving better, faster decisions. By unifying FP&A processes and empowering business users, finance leaders can spend less time on manual tasks and more time partnering with the business to steer performance. #FPATransformation

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