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Streamlining Financial Planning and Reporting for Germany's Largest Communal Hospital Group with Jedox

Vivantes, Germany's largest communal hospital group, has streamlined its #financialplanning and #reporting processes with Jedox's powerful FP&A solution. With over 200,000 patients annually, 15,000 employees, and €1 billion in revenue, Vivantes needed to optimize #profitability across 9 hospitals, 13 care facilities, and hundreds of other medical services.

Previously, Vivantes relied on complex, error-prone Excel spreadsheets for #budgeting and #planning across 400 divisions. As data volume and complexity grew, Excel could no longer provide the necessary insights to executives. SAP was used for historical reporting but lacked the functionality for KPI-based planning to identify risks early.

After evaluating FP&A solutions, Vivantes chose #Jedox for its high performance, ability to process huge data volumes, and intuitive Excel-like interface that minimized the IT burden. Jedox integrated seamlessly with Vivantes' existing #SAP environment, enabling automatic data connections.

The Jedox implementation was highly focused and agile, allowing Vivantes to iteratively refine requirements. In-house training empowered users to adjust the solution independently. With Jedox, planners now enter driver-based #plans easily, while controlling manages risks, workflows, and scenarios.

Key benefits realized include:

  • Automated integration of actuals data

  • Drill-down #resourceplanning and P&Ls across 900+ cost centers

  • Modeling of 500+ KPIs in real-time

  • Secure, granular permissions linked to IT systems

  • Fast, low-TCO rollout aligning departmental and corporate processes

"The planning possibilities with Jedox are endless. We don't know how we ever managed without it!" says Marion Seidenstücker, Head of Central Group Controlling at Vivantes. Jedox's scalability has allowed Vivantes to expand from 400 to over 900 modeled divisions.

Building on their success in streamlining #planning, Vivantes has recently expanded Jedox to redesign their entire #strategicsimulation process, gaining a 360-degree view of the organization. With Jedox as their FP&A platform, Vivantes now has the #agileplanning and #analytics capabilities to continue optimizing financial performance while delivering vital healthcare services to patients across Germany.

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