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IMC Pan Asia Alliance Achieves 3x Faster Consolidated Reporting with Jedox's #FPA Solution

In today's fast-paced business world, accurate and efficient financial planning and analysis (FP&A) is crucial for success. IMC Pan Asia Alliance, a Singapore-based multi-national conglomerate with over 9,000 employees across 15 countries, faced the challenge of complex and inaccurate reporting due to their extensive reporting requirements and numerous legal entities worldwide.

However, by implementing Jedox's innovative #FPA solution, IMC Pan Asia Alliance has revolutionized their reporting process, achieving consolidated reporting three times faster and establishing a single source of truth for their financial data.

Before adopting Jedox, IMC Pan Asia Alliance's finance team struggled with time-consuming and frustrating manual tasks, such as consolidating, aggregating, and translating raw data through countless Excel formulas. This complexity led to inconsistencies and inaccuracies in reporting, hindering the finance team from focusing on meaningful analysis. #FinancialReporting #DataConsolidation


Jedox's solution provided IMC Pan Asia Alliance with a comprehensive platform that integrates ERP, financial, operational, human resources, and ESG data into a single system. The compatibility with Excel and the self-service capabilities empowered IMC's finance team to write and standardize reporting formulas, ensuring accurate, consistent, and reliable reporting across the entire organization. #DataIntegration #SelfServiceReporting


With Jedox, IMC Pan Asia Alliance eliminated manual processes and duplicate reporting, allowing stakeholders to access real-time information through easy-to-use dashboards. The ability to filter, pivot, and drill down into data sources and calculations has significantly improved data quality and transparency. Moreover, the Jedox mobile app enables stakeholders to access their information even when away from their computers, enhancing flexibility and accessibility. #RealTimeReporting #DataAccessibility


Alison Gao, Finance Business Partner at IMC Pan Asia Alliance, described the implementation of Jedox as a "game-changer" and praised Jedox's implementation team for their IT expertise and financial background, which facilitated a smooth and hassle-free transition. #ImplementationExcellence


Since switching to Jedox, IMC Pan Asia Alliance has experienced a two to three times faster planning and reporting process, fostering better relationships throughout the organization. The increased accuracy, reliability, and flexibility of the data have led to more meaningful discussions and analysis, rather than time-consuming ad hoc requests for information. #EfficiencyBoost #ImprovedCollaboration


In conclusion, IMC Pan Asia Alliance's success story demonstrates the transformative power of Jedox's #FPA solution in streamlining financial reporting processes, enhancing data accuracy, and enabling better decision-making. As Alison Gao recommends, finance professionals still relying on manual Excel reports should consider trying Jedox to save time and ensure the accuracy and reliability of their reports. #JedoxSuccess #FPATransformation


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