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Global Engineering Powerhouse Drives Procurement Savings with Jedox

A global engineering leader in the energy and utilities sector has optimized its worldwide procurement processes with Jedox, a powerful business intelligence and performance management solution. The company, which generates over $42 billion in annual revenue and employs 150,000 people across more than 100 countries, needed to streamline procurement, optimize expenditure, and monitor developing markets with greater agility.

Jedox had to support multicurrency #financialplanning for over 1,000 organizational units and 400 material master categories, enabling users to forecast flexibly using absolute amounts, percentages, or trends. Robust enterprise security was critical to manage complex user permissions across diverse roles in more than 80 countries. Comprehensive workflows were also essential for global transparency and tracking of purchase planning.


After a rigorous 30-day evaluation, the company selected Jedox for its powerful in-memory database capabilities, enterprise scalability, zero-footprint web functionality, and robust security model. The implementation followed an agile approach, with each phase delivering tangible value and building upon the previous one. This strategy catalyzed change within the organization, with rapid time-to-value for each phase.


Jedox empowers business users with a suite of planning functions, personalized reporting, and KPI dashboards. It accelerates and streamlines group-wide planning by maximizing local user effectiveness while providing centralized management controls and visibility. By unifying planning, reporting, and monitoring in a single solution, users worldwide have a trusted source to manage and track performance.


The agile, phased rollout across 80 countries enabled the company to deliver business benefits rapidly while managing project complexity. Jedox's speed, scalability, and flexibility ensure enduring value, driving cost savings and global procurement efficiency initiatives. With all actual and plan data captured in real-time, hundreds of users collaborate in a coordinated and resource-efficient manner.


Key benefits include:

  • Consistency through standardized #planningmethodologies

  • Greater accuracy through parallel planning scenarios

  • Cost and time savings by automating plan preparation and consolidation

  • Rapid insight from real-time calculation and global consolidation

  • Central coordination with local flexibility and responsiveness


By leveraging Jedox's cutting-edge performance management technology, this global engineering leader has transformed its procurement processes, positioning itself for continued success in an increasingly competitive and volatile market.

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