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Coupland's Bakeries Achieves Production Excellence with Jedox's Integrated Planning Solution

Coupland's Bakeries, one of New Zealand's largest privately owned bakeries, has been serving freshly baked goods for over 50 years. With 500 staff, 25 retail stores, and 2 manufacturing facilities, Coupland's produces 450 different products for both retail and wholesale customers across the country. To meet and exceed customer expectations, Coupland's needed a solution that could streamline their complex production planning processes and provide a holistic view of each product's #BillofMaterials (BoM).

Jedox, a leading provider of #EPM and #CPM solutions, helped Coupland's achieve a single source of truth for their production data. By incorporating each aspect of the product's BoM into Jedox, the production team gained a comprehensive view of each product's process, ensuring no part was missed. This level of granularity significantly reduced inventory management and logistical issues, enabling more accurate #reporting and #forecasting.

The Costed Bill of Materials reports in Jedox provided Coupland's with invaluable insights into their products. David Main, Business Technology Manager at Coupland's Bakeries, stated, "The Costed Bill of Materials reports in Jedox has helped us understand what our products really look like. This report proved to provide some of the most valuable insights our team has ever had."

With Jedox, changes to the production process were communicated immediately to all relevant staff members, who could action these changes in real-time. The reverse lookup feature allowed R&D and Production managers to quickly understand which products use a specific ingredient, reducing the risk of over or under-ordering. QA staff responsible for labeling finished products could easily update the label database based on any changes to the product ingredients, reducing the process from days to hours.

Coupland's plans to further leverage Jedox for integrated #planning across the organization, expanding into Production planning so that sales data can directly and automatically impact production planning. This integration will not only improve efficiencies within the business' operations but also enhance the customer experience.

By partnering with Jedox, Coupland's Bakeries has achieved significant benefits, including the ability to view complex data in an organized and reliable way, seamless data integration, reduced time spent on administrative processes, quick rollout of product changes to entire production lines, and accurate #forecasting for labor and inventory.

As Coupland's Bakeries continues to grow and serve delicious baked goods to its customers, Jedox's integrated planning solution will play a crucial role in ensuring production excellence and driving business success. #FPA #FinancialPlanning #Analytics #BakingIndustry

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