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Acterys Recognized as an Accelerator in 2024 CPM Value Matrix

Updated: Feb 18

#Acterys is recognized as an accelerator in the 2024 Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Value Matrix from Nucleus Research. Acterys provides an open #planning platform using Microsoft #PowerBI and #Excel as the front-end user interface.

The platform allows managers to leverage existing Excel and Power BI skills. Acterys’s workflows, templates, and no-code tools enable finance teams to create customized planning applications and write back to databases.


  • Out-of-the-box templates, calculations, and workflows accelerate deployment

  • Compatible as a standalone tool or can integrate ERP, CRM, and other databases into a unified view

  • Extensible beyond finance into sales, marketing, HR for enterprise-wide #xP&A

  • On-premises and cloud deployment options

Key Insights:

  • Acterys reduces reliance on IT and consultants through self-service configuration

  • Quick time to value and user acceptance by leveraging familiar Microsoft tools

  • Flexible delivery model across cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments

  • Built-in Power BI and Excel compatibility brings advanced reporting and analytics

In 2023, Microsoft licensed Acterys for inclusion in Dynamics 365 Finance, making the platform readily available to millions of clients globally.

Other Acterys updates in the past year include:

  • Enhanced data integrations for broader connectivity to cloud and on-prem systems

  • New AI and machine learning powered analytics and predictive modeling

  • Real-time data processing and reporting

  • More customizable dashboards and reports

  • Improved security and compliance capabilities

  • Deeper Microsoft Power BI embedding for visualization

With its Microsoft alignment, Acterys brings a modern approach to finance processes through automation, performance, and familiar interfaces to accelerate adoption.

As an accelerator in the CPM Value Matrix, Acterys delivers quick time to value and strong capabilities tailored to finance and accounting leaders looking to transform planning.

The self-service platform allows finance teams to adjust hierarchies, account structures, and queries without relying on IT or consultants. Acterys also supports rapid development of models and reports through its new #Limelight Analytical Engine calculation capabilities.

Additionally, the enhanced ad-hoc reporting tool lets users create and customize reports and analysis using any metrics across data sources. This self-service approach saves time by enabling finance professionals to access and analyze data on the fly during meetings.


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