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Corporate tax services Singapore

The concept of a modified territorial tax system is prominent in Singapore. According to this, tax is to be paid by all whose income is in or derived from Singapore. It also applies to any out-of-country income that is affiliated with Singapore. However, exemptions exist in this regard, and it involves dividends, server income, and financial gains, which is limited to the branch in question.

Other exceptions dictated by the tax advisory Singapore

Relevant tax considerations include no capital profits and dividends tax, withholding taxes of a lower amount and no constraints on foreign exchange transactions and capital dynamics in the country. There is also a 7% GST that is levied at two levels:

  • Import of goods

  • Supply of goods and services in the country

The current headline corporate income tax rate is highlighted at 17%. However, the final tax rate reduces to an extent owing to the various exemptions as stated previously. As such, any company in the country is taxed on the income generated in the previous financial year. If the complete proceedings are undertaken in the city-state, then the company is considered a tax resident.

Perks of partnering with Smart Union as your management consulting Singapore


Experts in the field


Backed with a team of highly experienced professionals who possess a detailed knowledge of the market, we ensure that business owners have a smooth and hassle-free experience of the complex tax structure in the country.


Low tax rate through various schemes

As mentioned already, the headline corporate income tax is set at 17% which is the third-lowest in the world. When you consider the several schemes involved, the tax rate falls even lower. As such, the effective tax is low for companies.

When you partner with Smart Union, you can rest assured that your company would achieve the desired effective tax rate.

Stay away from penalties

Being a leader in the tax realm, we know exactly how to avoid any risky penalties through your business proceedings. We ensure that your company is in sync with all compliance requirements, and you can focus on your business growth without any unnecessary legal hassles.

No hidden charges

We highlight the charges for our services right at the beginning and you can rest assured that there would be no hidden or surprise charges at any point in time.

Look no further than Smart Union for the best taxation services in Singapore. Our experts are eager to talk to you and help you grow your business.

Get in touch with us today!

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