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Customers drive the retail industry, and their expectations are influenced by competitors, convenience and service. As such, the industry is constantly changing and evolving, resulting in a shift in business practices and operations throughout retail and wholesale.

In most retail and wholesale organisations, technology and e-commerce have become essential to doing business. Additionally, retailers, distributors and many other industries are striving for greater visibility over their inventory and supply chains so they can respond quickly when disruption occurs.

If retail and wholesale industry leadership was not already convinced that supply chain disruptions could have serious repercussions, they got the message loud and clear courtesy of COVID-19.

The pandemic spawned a series of recalibrations throughout the global supply chain as retailers and wholesalers alike scrutinised every step from procurement to sourcing, and from reduced lead times to improved speed, resiliency and responsiveness.

Integrating technology, especially the mobile phone, into every aspect of the retail experience has helped to create true omnichannel environments. One specific benefit has been increased market responsiveness, as managers learn how to more efficiently plan purchasing decisions.

For wholesalers, modern supply chain management platforms offer the type of visibility and collaboration tools that make this type of just-in-time operational strategy possible, resulting in a large positive impact on inventory KPIs.

A sharper inventory focus means increased revenue, the ability to manage larger orders, execute faster with more accurate delivery, accelerated cash flow, improved customer loyalty, increased performance of merchandisers, sales and delivery representatives, and reduced administrative costs.

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