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Financial And Managerial Accounting

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Whether project-specific or ongoing support, our qualified specialists work seamlessly with your accounting, finance and operations teams to align your business strengths with opportunities.


Demand for analytics-driven decision-making across the business grows continuously.


Finance analytics offer improved working capital management to anticipate and resolve potential cash flow concerns, with a critical focus on cash management, inventory management, debtor management and short-term financing options.

Analytics also plays a vital role in business performance management to develop and provide key information to help run your business and achieve your goals.


Taken together, financial management and analytics provides a solid foundation for business growth and opportunity, by translating financial metrics into actionable next steps, with the objective of creating value for your firm and its stakeholders, aligning financial and operational performance with strategic objectives.


See how Smart Union works with you to help to reinforce your financial foundations, and identify and maximise your business strengths.


Managerial finance is solely concerned with the consequences of financial techniques. These techniques can be anything from market trend analysis as well as comparative financial statements analysis for business management needs.

This service focuses on financial accounting, establishing an information system that can compare and analyse both existing and projected data, management of the organisation, understanding how the steps taken within the company will be influenced by financial functions and how overall operations will take place.

How managerial accounting is different at Smart Union?

As a financial consulting company that has been servicing actively in Singapore and the UAE, we understand the market trends and developments. Our managerial accounting services integrate with a business and focus on creating statements, insights, reports and documents that analyse and help in making better financial and management decisions.

Our services are confidential at all times and our team of professionals are always driven to help your business grow in Singapore and in the UAE.

Decide which range of products are profitable in the long run with real-time analysis of data. Plan new product launches and how the current team can help in bringing these changes.

At Smart Union, there’s always skilled talent that actively involves itself in the company processes and reports incredible ways to maximise productivity. We are a financial consulting company that helps your business achieve the projected insights.

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