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Governance, Risk & Compliance

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We work with your team to identify, assess and manage risk, to advance with the right culture, preparation and knowledge to confidently exploit tomorrow’s opportunities today.

Resilience is the ability of a business to withstand, adapt, and thrive in the face of shocks that are internal and external, known and unanticipated.

In today’s dynamic business environment, companies need confidence in their governance, risk management and internal control processes.

We work with our clients to evaluate, design and implement reliable operating models for recognise and manage their governance, risk and compliance exposures, while remaining relevant to their development and requirements.

There is a strong business case for an integrated approach to corporate governance, risk and regulatory compliance.

Sound practices provide a stable foundation for sustainable growth, while protecting the company from reputational harm, and protecting directors and officers from potential personal liability.

Talk to us about how we help businesses balance risk and reward to their best advantage.

With directed governance risk and compliance services, your organisation safeguards itself from potential losses. The service refines processes and procedures that are necessary to achieve business success, be prepared for uncertain times and function with integrity.

The GRC establishes business practices that promote a healthy work culture. Governance strategies ensure the organisation has the right abilities to handle risks and uncertainties. At the same time, compliance ensures the working foundation is within the legal limitations. This is especially important for companies that work in a high-risk industry.


How Governance Risk & Compliance Different at Smart Union

As an incorporation service, our experts are always in sync with current changes in laws and regulations. Changes to existing processes are thus always updated to ensure flexible and smooth operations.

Risk functions to understand uncertainty and compliance works within the policies and regulations. Governance, on the other hand, structures and organises compliance into processes and practices.

At Smart Union, our team of experts are quick to act. We integrate with your Singapore or the UAE based organisation and establish ethical governance risk and compliance practices. These are focused on assessing possibilities, creating policies to guard against those possibilities and functioning in case of a calamity. With routine analysis, we make sure the changes have been received and implemented as necessary.


We are an incorporation services provider offering services to Singapore and UAE based organisations. Our team of experts are trained to handle uncertainty and act with integrity to ensure all required processes and procedures are being followed with compliance. Safety is the crux of functional processes and we make sure you are always in sync with it.

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