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Extractive Industries

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The disruptive forces of technological, legislative and political change that are reshaping industries and governments around the world are also reshaping mining, oil and gas.


What can industry executives do today to prepare for an uncertain tomorrow? We believe a global industry needs global solutions.

A strong project pipeline is a good problem to have, and understanding the external, structural and competitive influences likely to impact project economics is essential to balancing risk and reward.


What is evident is that the industry is well and truly in flux. But it is in this environment where new opportunities arise, where organisations are forced to re-think their options and consider alternative strategies.


Strong commodity demand pushes up prices which, in turn, induces production increases and, eventually, oversupply. When prices drop however, prices plummet, supplies build up and marginal projects become considerably less attractive.


Coal, oil and gas, and mining in general are often seen as the culprit responsible for climate change, while few understand that our burgeoning digital lifestyles are highly dependent on, and linked to, the resources sector.


Traditionally a carbon intensive industry, miners are now looking at how to reduce their environmental impact more than ever, embracing the convergence of technology that is creating new and exciting opportunities in the industry.


Added to that, we’ve seen the rise of ECG investor interest such that they are very much part of the mainstream.


Talk to us about how we can assist in optimising your operations, in the areas of financial, risk and operational management, including optimising corporate structures in the light of the OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) action plan.

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